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Area 51 is the name of our student ministry here at East Newnan Baptist Church, and this page just isn’t big enough to tell you everything about it.


If we were to list everything we do, it’d be long. Really, Really long.

It’s much easier to tell you why we do what we do.

It is our ultimate goal to create an environment that produces disciples that make disciples as we strive to show what it means to LOVE GOD AND LOVE PEOPLE.

So, we talk to your students about Jesus. We talk about faith and doubts and questions, fears and wins, openly and honestly. We worship loudly. We serve, here and around the world.

We shatter the stereotype that living for Christ is restrictive and boring through building relationships that are out of this world.

As we get to know Jesus, we have fun and get to know each other, too — in small groups, Bible studies, our own Sunday morning worship, on mission trips and during special events throughout the year.

And together, we grow closer to God, to our friends and family and to our community, sharing Him with everyone we know. 

Everything else is gravy, and on Facebook @eastnewnansm





Sunday Mornings are a time where we read and discuss the Bible together as a group. We go through passages of scripture and open our hearts to questions and answers about the Bible. We dig deep as we prepare to go into the Worship service with our families. We meet at 9:45 AM in the youth room.


Sunday Small Group

Even Jesus was part of a small group.  This small group is focused around high school and college age discipleship.  We meet Sunday evenings at 5pm at varying locations and which is led by pastor David, student leaders as well as the students themselves. 



On Wednesday's at 6:00 PM we have a worship service just for students between 6th and 12th grade. These services are packed with fun, laughter, and an awesome time of worship and teaching that is relevant and biblical. These are great times to be with friends and make new friends, as well as a time to be with God and worship Him!



We do tons of planned and spontaneous events throughout the year. See our Events tab on our Facebook page @eastnewnansm